About Us

Welcome to Three Boys And A Pig!

Our company began years ago because of the many requests we received to provide our wholesale products to the general public. The name of our company is drawn from several things in our lives. The obvious is that we have three wonderful boys and a dog that resembles a pig. Also, we are tribal members and wanted to salute the good humor of our heritage.
We believe that home is a haven. Decorating your home, and making it lovely, is not only inviting to your guests, but also comforting to those who live there. Decorating can be a tradition, a way to embrace your heritage and a therapy. It’s an excuse to collect souvenirs, a reminder of the hard work that went into saving for a special something and also a great way to display items that have been gifted and handed down.
After years of designing, decorating homes, stores, Christmas trees, and offices, we know beauty is seen through a variety of lenses. Our disabled dog is lovely to us just because we adore him and our favorite Christmas ornament is a Styrofoam cup our son decorated. We have found ways to incorporate our favorite items into our home while displaying them with beautiful florals, ceramic containers and hints of whimsy.
Our hope is that you are able to find the perfect item that will brighten your home or the ideal gift for that special person.
Welcome, browse, enjoy and happy decorating!
Higgins the Dog